Focus on Rockville Centre Schools

Rockville Centre boasts a diverse educational scene, elevating the appeal of living in this thriving community. From primary schools to higher education institutions, Rockville Centre Schools offer residents a comprehensive array of learning options. Anchoring the area is the Rockville Centre Union Free School District, serving students from just south of Merrick Road to the Southern State Parkway. Bordered by Mill River to the west and extending eastward beyond Long Beach Road, these schools are pivotal to the Rockville Centre real estate landscape.

Rockville Centre Union Free School District

Dedicated to academic excellence and holistic student development, the Rockville Centre Union Free School District houses Watson Elementary School, Covert Elementary School, and South Side Middle School, providing a solid educational foundation. South Side High School, the district’s flagship, delivers rigorous academics and diverse extracurricular activities, enhancing the living experience for families in Rockville Centre.

Adjacent School Districts

While the Rockville Centre Union Free School District holds prominence, neighboring districts also enrich the educational scene. The Malverne Union Free School District to the west and the Baldwin Union Free School District to the east expand educational opportunities for residents considering living in Rockville Centre.

Private and Parochial Schools

Rockville Centre boasts several private and parochial schools tailored to diverse educational preferences. St. Agnes Cathedral School offers a robust academic curriculum with a faith-based approach, complementing the educational offerings in the area. Families exploring living in Rockville Centre can explore specialized programs at institutions such as Molloy College Summer Camps and the Hebrew Academy of Long Beach.

Higher Education Opportunities

Residents of Rockville Centre benefit from nearby higher education institutions. Molloy College, conveniently located, provides a range of undergraduate and graduate programs, enhancing the allure of living in Rockville Centre. Adelphi University in Garden City and Hofstra University in Hempstead offer further educational prospects, enriching the real estate market in Rockville Centre. Additionally, the proximity to New York City grants residents access to renowned institutions, enriching the educational experience for those living in Rockville Centre.


Rockville Centre boasts a vibrant educational landscape, making it an appealing destination for families considering real estate in the area. Residents enjoy a plethora of school options, from primary institutions to prestigious universities, ensuring a well-rounded living experience. With a strong emphasis on education and access to diverse learning opportunities, Rockville Centre remains a sought-after location for families seeking quality education and a thriving community ambiance.

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